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About Crypto Corp

Crypto Corp is a network of platforms and applications built with blockchain in mind. It is a network of tools, portfolio managers, algorithmic bot trading, news and much more...

Crypto Corp's aim is to build a network which empowers it's users when learning, researching and organizing information to being able to profit off their experience and knowledge.

We hope to one day enable users to find and perform all of their crypto currency needs, all in one place, with one account.

Crypto Corp Network


Crypto Screener

Create, save, share, buy and sell crypto currency filters and screeners in a community driven markets place, with the most advanced tools.



The Ultimate ICO pool management tool. Create public or private ICO pool groups, add upcoming ICOs, show pool investors pleged amounts, group driven research, organize group research, and so much more...



Crypto Currency News and Video & Information Aggregator. This combines the web for all credible crypto currency related news sources and puts it all in one place.


Crypto Arigato

The ultimate Crypto Trading Bot Package application. Create, buy and sell crypto trading algorithms in a community driven marketplace. Use currently existing trading bots like Profit Trailer, Geko and many more...


Built by Coins

Learn how to start Investing into the Crypto Currency Craze. Find easy to use and understandable tutorials and guides on how to start from square one to become a pro in the crypto game.


Cryptix Labs

A portfolio manager for personal use and pool funds. Easily create group portfolios with a focus on being transparent by being able to make the pertinent information avaible to the investor while keeping other's info private.


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